Global Automation and Control, Personnel and Asset Tracking and Global Monitoring

Quiskers is a sub-division of Telemetry Solutions an American pioneer of micro GPS tracking devices developed for wildlife research. Your need will be filled with either a standard or customized product backed by our 19 years experience in the industry.

If you require global tracking, control or monitoring in areas where there is no mobile phone network and if your application has no obvious electrical power supply, The Quisker product line will fill your requirement. read more »
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Our Products

GPS tracking products - automatic wireless detection

Wireless inventor presence/absence

Short range RF roll call with uplink

Pull in to remote worksite and material inventory auto populates on your computer.

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GPS tracking products -  micro GPS data loggers

GPS logging, chain of custody

Automatic position logging with cellular or satellite uplink

Positioning triggered automatically by user specified events.

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GPS tracking products - global GPS tracking


Custom made tracking devices

Miniature GPS tracking devices

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Our Services

GPS tracking services - OEM


Enhance product lines

Add location and automatic health reports to deployed resources

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GPS tracking premium services

Premium service

Fastest time to solution

In dire straights? Need it solved before your boss replaces you?

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GPS tracking services - FAQ


Answers to common questions

A little knowledge goes a long way.

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